Our team of professional plumbers responds rapidly in case of breakdown or leakage of your installation. We give the best response to your needs and your desires, taking account of the available space and the budget you wish to allocate.

• Renew your existing installation (replace taps, bath, basin, sink, etc.)

• Adapt the dimension of your hot water system to your needs

• Repair or replace water pipes in case of leakage

• Ensure breakdown service and maintenance of your hot water system

• Plan and set up your bathroom and WC from start to finish (choice and installation of sanitary fixtures and fittings, tiles, taps and equipment)



The HANDIBAT label guarantees that you are supported by well-informed and objective professionals with recognised competence. To be awarded this label, our team is trained in the evaluation, conception and installation of sanitary appliances designed to help with restricted mobility.

Our HANDIBAT-registered entreprise:

• makes a home visit to assess your needs concerning accessibility

• offers advice about carrying out your building work, in coordination with your family, medical practitioner, and occupational therapist

• puts together a file to enable you to claim tax deduction and other benefits that may be available through:

− the Agence Nationale pour l'Amélioration de l'Habitat (ANAH)  and/or the Conseil Général in the context of an Allocation Personnalisée d'Autonomie (APA)

− principal and complementary pension companies

• carries out the work, complying with specifications established according to your requirements and HANDIBAT stipulations.