Established in 1978, our company offers a quality service in planning and carrying out activities in three principal areas:

• complete installation and maintenance of your HEATING system

• the whole range of PLUMBING, from small repairs to the creation of your bathroom, shower, and sanitary facilities. Acknowledged by the HANDIBAT certificate, we can offer you personalised advice on installations in case of reduced mobility

• maintenance, repair, and complete replacement of your ROOF.

The services we provide take account of both your desires and your budget. We are concerned to take advantage of technological advances and to provide the best possible service. We are therefore committed to the environmentally friendly initiative “Reconnu Grenelle de l'Environnement (RGE)”. In addition, our QUALIBAT certificate for the entirety of our activities ensures that our projects are realised according to the “state of the art”. Because our services are recognised by several designated labels, our clients may benefit from tax reductions, subsidies from organisms such as Eco Prêt, or other financial advantages.

Our ten-year insurance cover provides an additional guarantee for your peace of mind.